Learn how Ballarat is harnessing the power of data to drive better outcomes for people, and to realise the vision of a thriving, equitable and sustainable community.

To understand how their community was faring, Ballarat Foundation recently undertook a data ‘pulse-check’ releasing a Vital Signs report and online data platform, in partnership with Seer Data & Analytics.

The aim is to drive better outcomes in terms of health, family violence, unemployment, housing affordability, homelessness, wages, alleged offending, community safety, and volunteering.

The data platform, containing more than 100 insights with an accompanying report, is a living, breathing snapshot of the Ballarat community, which will be used collaboratively to shift the needle on local issues.

Ballarat Foundation CEO Andrew Eales said “Our vision for the platform is for it to be a space where community organisations can add their own data, creating a deeper, richer understanding of need in our community.

“In turn, these organisations will reap the benefits of access to an evidence base on which they can tell their stories, which will see a greater success in obtaining funds in areas where our community needs increased support.” he said.

Andrew and the Ballarat Foundation team have been engaging with cross-sector community stakeholders, who are keen to be part of the solution, on how they can best collaborate together to create a data-driven, united response at a local level. Learn more about the report and data dashboard here.

Join online information session

Ballarat Foundation will share their journey, challenges, successes, next steps, and future vision for the data-driven, community-led approach in a free online session on March 21st.

Andrew Eales, and Stacey Oliver from Ballarat Foundation will share an engaging and insightful conversation with Seer Data & Analytic’s Kristi Mansfield on the leadership role they are taking in being a catalyst for change.

Bring your questions for Andrew and Stacey, and receive the session recording and an accompanying resources page for ongoing reference.

Session details:
Date: Tuesday 21st March
Time: 1.00pm AEDT
Format: 1 hour via zoom, including Q&A

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