Increased data access and data sharing by all levels of government is the key to unlocking the transformational potential of community-led decision making, as covered by today’s Australian Financial Review article titled – Logan uses government data to transform kindergarten.

Over the past 12 months, Logan Together collated government data ranging from underperforming childcare centres to prohibitive transport routes. That information was then mapped over the LGA, giving community-led organisations concrete insight into how they can re-design programs and systems to boost everything from infant mortality rates to primary school readiness.

“Logan’s children certainly weren’t thriving, there was a big community push to get our hands on any available data, and putting that all together has meant we are making a real practical difference.”Dr Michelle Lucas – Logan Together 

Many Government departments are demonstrating an increased willingness to share data, but there is more that can be done to democratise data by removing data access barriers, and increasing the speed and efficiency of data sharing. Sharing data with people working on the ground to deliver services and improve lives builds community self-determination and sovereignty, leading to improved lives and outcomes, from which we all benefit.

Seer Data & Analytics has been working closely with Logan Together to help turn the data they have been able to secure into actionable insights, including building a machine-learning model to identify supply and demand for early education resources.

Kristi Mansfield, CEO & Co-founder of Seer Data & Analytics notes that there is a data sovereignty movement occurring.

“The essence of the community data sovereignty movement where they want access, ownership and control over their own data is growing fast,” Ms Mansfield says. Once people see how quickly they can make better decisions and then measure the effectiveness of the changes, they are very much on board.” she said.

“There is a much greater sharing policy environment at the state levels, for instance, and a culture of collaboration. This makes a huge difference to practical outcomes for people.” Kristi said.

Seer Data & Analytics has been communicating with the office of Prime Minister & Cabinet, and has made a submission during the public consultation phase of the Australian Data Strategy, for not-for-profits and communities to be included in the Data Availability & Transparency Act.  View the submission here.

As featured in Australian Financial Review:

Watch video: Michelle Lucas in conversation with Kristi Mansfield

Over 600 Logan residents, service providers, academics and funders came together last year for Logan’s Splash! event to co-design a data-driven collective plan to see that every child in Logan has every opportunity to be the very best they can be. Learn more here >>

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