In an enlightening conversation, Michelle Lucas, Executive Director of Logan Together, and Kristi Mansfield, CEO & Co-founder Seer Data & Analytics explore community-led data driven transformation through the lens of the Queensland community of Logan.

Watch the video recording of the event, where Michelle shares inspiring stories and insights about the community-led transformation of Logan and the power of collective impact, data sharing and collaboration. Logan city, comprising a population of over 337,000 and more than 217 diverse groups, is joining hands as a community to drive change and gain community data sovereignty – a movement which is gaining momentum globally.

Highlights of the community-led data driven transformation event:

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Michelle highlights how data and shared measurement is empowering Logan by “allowing the community to step into their agency well-equipped to make change.”

Logan’s progress demonstrates how equitable and accessible data sharing allows community to step into, guide and lead change. Logan Together is now exploring strategies to grow data capability, literacy and engage in community-led “sense-making” for systemic change.

Addressing the data sovereignty movement, Michelle unpacks the historical use of data for “vulnerable communities to perpetuate stigma and form the basis of deficit responses.”

Michelle said “every piece of data about a community is that community member’s data. The data about the people that affects their own lives needs to be owned by them.”

Michelle shares a powerful and profound story of sharing early childhood development data with community, where astounded community members implored “why didn’t we know this about our children, why didn’t anyone tell us?”

When asked “how important is this data sovereignty movement?”, Michelle asserts “it is absolutely fundamental to be able to create change, alongside community, who are fully informed and who can step in to lead change.”

When asked “why?”, for Michelle and Logan Together the answer is simple – “because we promised the kids.”

The work of Logan Together and Seer Data & Analytics contribution was featured in the Australian Financial Review article – Logan uses data to transform kindergarten – read article here.

Kristi also speaks to the community data sovereignty movement and states “we are all working together to advocate for data to be in the hands of the people doing the work on the ground in communities”

Data access is fundamentally linked to economic opportunity, improved governance, better science, and citizen empowerment. The release of more government data will help regional communities manage social issues, more effectively direct funding and effort, and gain agency and sovereignty over their decision-making, narrative, and their future

Poll results from this session:

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About Logan Together:

Logan Together is a community movement committed to the wellbeing of every child in Logan, from 0 to 8 years of age. Our big goal is to see Logan’s children happy and healthy for generations to come.

We believe that the only way this can be achieved is to listen to the community and work together with the community.

We are coming together as a collective of Logan locals, co-designing and implementing ways to see every child in Logan have every opportunity to be the very best they can be.