Scaling Up

With the foundations in place, the scaling up phase is focused on solidifying strategic and operational leadership to implement the shared vision for change. Continuing to build data capability through the scale up phase is important. Many communities at this point have a dedicated person on the ground to focus on data collection, visualisation and reporting.

Compared to earlier phases, by the scaling up phase, people will be thinking and working differently, learning and collaborating together.  Stories about the work being done are communicated to the community who are starting to value the collaborative approach. Conversely, community voice is being communicated back into the collaborative and integrated into the stories being considered by decision-makers throughout the collaborative ecosystem.

Data visualisation tools including storytelling dashboards that can incorporate both quantitative data and qualitative community voice content are especially valuable during this and subsequent phases.

How Data Benefits this stage of the Change Cycle

  • The shared agenda and data-driven evidence base are used to guide activity and build understanding about what is working, what isn’t and what is needed
  • The use of data-based evidence becomes a core practice within the collaborative
  • Systems and processes are built that feed diverse evidence (community voice, outcomes data, research) into decision making, planning and implementation

Wondering which phase your collaborative is in?

Learn more about the scaling up phase and how to know where you sit at Platform C – Collaboration for Impact’s curated learning space for people tackling complex problems through collaboration. 

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Tools and Resources

Hold a Data Walk for your community to build readiness
Community-led decision-making and collective impact

Community Case Studies

Burnie Works, Burnie, TAS

Kylie Burgess from Burnie Works has discovered that systems-change work is as much anthropological as it is analytical. Burnie Works is focused on finding ways to harness the power of data while engaging the community and ensuring community voice and knowledge is central to the process.

Creating a Shared Vision
Achieving Transformation