Readiness Runway

During the readiness phase and through into the building foundations phase, data is key to gaining a deeper understanding of community context and unique local challenges and strengths. When first commencing a community transformation journey, community stakeholders will likely be siloed in terms of their specific focus areas and the data they have access to.

A powerful way of bringing together both the collective community data and knowledge is to hold a Data Walk. The purpose of a Data Walk is to engage all community stakeholders in an interactive session that determines what data is currently available, what stories that data can tell, and what the data gaps are.

How Data Benefits the Readiness Runway of the Change Cycle

  • Data is used to identify & evidence community vulnerabilities and need
  • Data discovery / Data Walk sessions help build readiness & alignment
  • All potential data resources and custodians are evaluated
  • Programmatic activities, services and outputs are reported on
  • Existing data stories shared to build insight and understanding
  • Data evidence ensures all stakeholders understand positive impacts of shared measurement, data sharing and collaboration

Wondering which phase your collaborative is in?

Learn more about the readiness runway phase and how to know where you sit at Platform C.

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Tools and Resources

5 Benefits of Data Sharing flyer download
Hold a Data Walk for your community
Build your data knowledge with The Foil podcast

Community Case Studies

Community Case Studies

Burnie Works, Burnie, TAS

Kylie Burgess from Burnie Works has discovered that systems-change work is as much anthropological as it is analytical. Burnie Works is focused on finding ways to harness the power of data while engaging the community and ensuring community voice and knowledge is central to the process.

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Building Foundations