Achieving Transformation

The shared community vision is in full implementation at this phase and the impact of the collaborative work is evidenced by changes in the data, and acknowledged across the collaborative ecosystem. Decisions are being made based on community data and community voice up to a policy level.

The ongoing willingness to share data and collaborate on decision-making is the fundamental factor in reaching this phase, and crucial to remaining in this phase, which is a journey rather than a destination.

The shared vision of a thriving community will have been widely adopted by this phase, with an increasing cross-sector of the community getting involved and aligning with the vision. The community will feel much more in control of their own destiny by this phase and will have gained sovereignty over their data, decision and stories.

How Data Benefits this stage of the Change Cycle

  • The shared agenda / shared vision, data sharing & collaboration is in full implementation
  • Decisions are made using evidence drawn from a reliable shared measurement system, learning strategy, research and evaluation
  • Partners are using evidence to learn, adapt and continually improve
  • Evidence of impact is actively shared
  • Collaboration results in systemic changes
  • Governments can enable rather than direct collaboration

Wondering which phase your collaborative is in?

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Community Case Studies

Bourke, NSW

Community data access and sharing is at the heart of a new Bourke narrative, written and owned by Bourke people.  Grassroots data collaboration is fuelling the systems-change vision for Bourke, facilitated via the Palimaa Data Platform, powered by Seer Data & Analytics. The result is more than $3M saved by diverting young people from the criminal justice system, as well as economic prosperity and improved lives.

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Scaling Up