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Census 2021: Numbers that matter information session

Census 2021 information session:
12.30pm AEDT on Wednesday, 2 November, 2022
Recording available soon

Seer Data & Analytics has partnered with Perpetual Philanthropy and Not-for-profit to deliver Census 2021: Numbers that matter; an innovative report curating 2021 Census data and focused insights for service providers, community organisations, collective impact groups, NGOs, not-for-profits and all levels of government.

This paper provides snapshots from Census data (and other sources), acknowledging that data storytelling works best when insights are intertwined with lived experience. Data is augmented by community thought-leaders sharing invaluable knowledge of the real people reflected in the data.

Data on Population and Prosperity; First Nations; Age in Australia; Women and Girls; Health, Disability and Wellbeing; Volunteering; and Mental Health, paints a picture of the issues of our time. The report answers thought-provoking questions for social purpose leaders, boards and philanthropists on the challenges to communities.

Report authors Perpetual and Seer Data & Analytics have just hosted a free online session to dive deeper into these stories, giving participants a unique real-world perspective and valuable insight into the numbers that matter. The recording will be available on this page soon, in the meantime you can access the strategic compendium and accompanying data assets below.

3 ways to get started using this strategic compendium

Explore the Census 2021 data assets, including insights, an interactive dashboard, and new insight builder tool coming soon.

Download the full report including on the ground insights behind the numbers contributed by community sector leaders.

Reach out to the Perpetual and Seer Data & Analytics team with any feedback or further questions.

Attended the session?

We will share the recording from the information session shortly.

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As articulated in the report by Yued Whadjuk Noongar woman, Sharna Meinertz, when sharing lived experience of First Nations people, “the Census may provide the data, however we ask you to engage with the stories, to hear our voices, to see the work carried out by our communities and in our communities, to witness the strength of our determination. Trust in our voice that we can help design a better future for ourselves, for our children, and for all Australians,”

To view the visual insights and data snapshots, hone in on highlights and download report, visit the Seer Data Storytelling Dashboard, with interactive features that allow you to move through views, data tables, insights, charts and more.

Join us in celebrating how this report uses data to inform change and provide our community leaders with the tools to drive transformation and carry hope into the future.

Get in touch with the Perpetual and Seer Data & Analytics team with any feedback or questions:

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Caitriona Fay
Managing Partner, Community & Social Investment and ESG

Kristi Mansfield
CEO & Co-founder
Seer Data & Analytics

Julie Reilly OAM
Chief Executive Officer
Australians Investing in Women

Toby Dawson
Partner and Founder
Tomorrow Together

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