Build Back Better in 2021 with Seer’s Intergenerational Wealth Transfer data and Willingness to Give Index.

Seer’s data science team has conducted an analysis to understand the relationship between volunteering and giving.

  • What is the relationship between volunteering and giving?
  • Is this relationship stronger in wealthier areas?

If there is a relationship, then:

  • Can we identify the most generous places in Australia that also have the highest capacity for wealth transfer?

What we learnt was that areas with volunteering have higher rates of charitable donations and that the relationship is even stronger in wealthier areas.  Our analysis suggests communities are expected to exhibit an additional 3.5% rate of giving for every additional 10% rate of volunteering. Communities with SEIFA Index of Economic Resouces (IER) in the top 3 deciles are expected to exhibit an additional 4% rate of giving for every additional 10% rate of giving.

What you can do with this data set and index:

  • Discover areas with the greatest wealth transfer and propensity to give using an easy to understand 1-100 index
  • Build an evidence base to aid your fundraising efforts with Open Data in Seer
  • Discover what areas are more likely to volunteer
  • Discover what areas have the greatest potential for wealth transfer
  • Target your communications, fundraising and program efforts effectively
  • Customise the index further with business and health indicators

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Watch our video to find out more.