Book a complimentary product demo: Turn data into action for a better world

We’ll show you how to freely access Seer Data’s Open Data library to easily support your evidence base for grant applications, policy change or to better understand community context. Learn how Seer Data enables secure data sharing and enables domain or location-based data spaces.

Learn how communities are turning data into action for better outcomes all across Australia and how you could do the same, no matter your data skillset:

  • How to access Seer’s free library of open data
  • How to data sharing is enabled across organisations for continuous and shared learning and outcome measurement
  • How you can turn that data into action as a shareable evidence-base that will support grant/funding applications, policy/advocacy work, program/service delivery or endowment/fundraising efforts
  • Case studies from the Federal Government through to small grassroots organisations and all for purpose organisations in between all over Australia

Get in touch here to arrange a time that suits for a demo.