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Every community and social issue is uniquely complex. Data is a powerful enabler to help disrupt disadvantage, improve lives and outcomes from the local level up.

The Seer Data platform has been co-designed with and for communities and the in-built flexibility and scaleability allows you to take your data and tell your story, your way. Best of all, you don’t need to be a Data Analyst or Data Scientist to use it.

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  • Data storytelling dashboards with easy drag and drop functionality
  • Collaboration and data sharing functionality including observation and action capture
  • Self Service Data Ingestion for the collection and safe storage of community-owned data
  • Single access point for multiple datasets including open, private and government-held data
  • Create unlimited Insights, reports, and dashboards and share with others to turn your data into action
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Why Seer Data & Analytics?

Seer Data & Analytics is empowering communities across Australia with data-driven decision making

Tell the data stories that matter to your community. Access, analyse, and share data, collaborate with others, track impact and take action. The Seer Data Platform enables data access, analysis, sharing, and storytelling to turn data into knowledge and action.

Seer Data is a data sharing intermediary for Government to Community Data sharing. Communities can set up data pipelines from multiple custodians, plus add their own data to create insights from multiple open, held and private datasets via one access point.

On the Seer platform, you can create interactive dashboards to tell your data stories your way. Bring together charts, actions, observations, video, audio and any other content with an easy to use drag and drop editor. Highlight different data stories for different audiences, add your own branding, share via public link, or embed on your website.

Data on its own is just information, when brought together with lived experience, community voice, and local knowledge, impactful and actionable stories can be created to improve lives and outcomes from a local level.

Your Data. Your Story.