Establishing the Community Need – The Challenge

A key principle of Beyond the Bell is that “decision making will be evidence and data based”.

In February 2019, Beyond the Bell used Seer to update their data assets to identify changes in community needs since 2012 and to build the evidence for funding applications.

“When we are applying for grants we need to identify where the issues lie. In the next three years as we roll out our Stepping Stones program, we also need to demonstrate the impact using data.”

Kate Roach
Executive Director,
Beyond the Bell.

Confident Use of Evidence – The Data

In two days, more than 20 insights were developed using Seer, which links publicly available data and makes it easy to explore and use.

This baseline information has given the Beyond the Bell team confidence in decision-making and was shared with over 40 stakeholders including the Department of Education, local schools and early years education providers. It was also used in submissions to funders which has since led to $450,000 in new philanthropic funding.

Answering Evidenced Need – The Outcome

The updated knowledge base has also been used to inform ongoing decision making and future directions for the initiative.

The data insights developed with the support of Seer were used to develop and strengthen successful funding applications to the Ian Potter Foundation.