Featured on 18 December’s print edition of The Australian Financial Review, Maranguka Community Hub and Alister Ferguson were profiled with our CEO Kristi Mansfield about our work to automate data sharing in Bourke.

Alister talks about the leadership, aspiration and drive in communities for better outcomes and change. “Add that to government data and smart technology and you’ve got a really profound way to get that community spirit pouring into a useful direction.”

We’re proud to work with Maranguka Just Reinvest NSW and Kowa and delighted this story is promoted by the AFR as one of the weekend’s 5 best reads for that edition.

Shout out to the policy team at Department of Social Services who are leading the Stronger Places, Stronger People initiative and Dusseldorp Forum for supporting community-led change.

Thanks to Deanne Weir, Dr. Ian Oppermann, Rod Johnson, Adam Peaston, Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project, Skye Trudgett of Kowa and Burnie Works for helping guide our platform and this article.

Read the full article on The Australian Financial Review’s website here, or view the image on this page.

If you would like to learn more about our tool that has supports the work in Bourke, you can visit our Thriving Communities resources page.

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