The Framework puts First Nations people at its centre.

A draft of the APS-wide Framework for Governance of Indigenous Data – a practical guide for the Australian Public Service is available. It aims to provide First Nations people greater agency over how their data is governed within the Australian Public Service; so government-held data better reflects their priorities and aspirations.

The draft Framework has been recently endorsed to be shared by the Deputy Secretaries Data Group Sub-Committee. As a member of the working group, we hosted an engagement session to review the draft Framework, and provide feedback to the NIAA Governance of Indigenous Data Secretariat.

For those who would like to provide additional feedback on the draft, you can do this in the following ways:

1. Provide comments directly in the document (using the comment functionality) by 15th June 2023;

2. Get in touch directly with the NIAA Governance of Indigenous Data Secretariat: Governance of Indigenous Data Analysis, Data And Policy Transformation (A.D.A.P.T.): 

The Framework is a stepping stone towards better governance of Indigenous data. We will continue working closely with the agencies and the Secretariat, in partnership, with Indigenous Australians, to make this Framework available for all.