Dashboard Forms

The Seer Data platform now contains a Forms tool to help you collect data from any person accessing your Dashboards! With the aim of providing flexibility to your team in how you collect feedback and other data, users can use our Forms tool to streamline your data collection workflow, directly from your Seer Data Dashboard.


  • Add your Form to any of your Dashboards using the same method for adding other content, such as Insights, filters or videos.
  • The Form content panel allows you to add many of the question types you’ll find on other form tools. Customising your Form is easy, as the options are similar to other content types.
  • When forms are submitted, responses are stored in the platform and can be downloaded by the Dashboard owner in CSV format.


  • Meet your stakeholders where they are by streamlining your data collection process in your beautiful Seer Data Dashboard.
  • Turn Form responses into a dataset that you can upload into your Seer Data platform via the Self-service Data Collection tool (options for automation coming soon!)
  • Understand where your community stands on important issues, collect important administrative data and more.

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