AI-fuelled innovation and transformation at a local level

AI localism, the use and governance of AI at the local level, has the potential to revolutionise how cities are governed, and create more equitable access to data and technology.

Localism or “community-led decision and policy making” is problem-solving from the bottom up, not top-down. In action, it requires networks, collaborations, institutions, and leaders to commit to sharing the data and information critical to enabling localised decision-making.

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Hear from an international expert panel

Steve Nouri

Event moderator. AI Influencer, Chief Data Scientist, Founder.

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Stefaan Verhulst

Chief of Research & Development at The GovLab, NYU.

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Vicky Lay

Partner, Head of Impact Investments at Artesian Investments.

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Dr Ian Oppermann

NSW Chief Data Scientist, and Industry Professor.

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Kristi Mansfield

CEO and Co-founder Seer Data & Analytics, and thought leader.

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AI Driven people, or people driven AI?

This free online event will delve into this and other questions:

  • What benefits are there to society, organisations and the economy when we unlock the potential of AI to facilitate data sharing and open data?
  • Why is it important to empower community-led decision-making through AI and open data?
  • Who is already adopting AI Localism, where and how?

Discover the power of AI Localism, how it is being used by communities in the US and Australia, and the role policymakers play in seeing this technology leveraged to its full potential.

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