AI-fuelled innovation and transformation at a local level

Watch the recording of our recent online event AI Localism – responsible use of AI at the local level, featuring an international panel. Access resources and connect with panelists below.

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Thank you to our moderator, Steve Nouri, and all of our speakers and participants.

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AI localism, the use and governance of AI at the local level, has the potential to revolutionise how cities are governed and create more equitable access to data and technology.

Localism or “community-led decision and policymaking” is problem-solving from the bottom up, not top-down. In action, it requires networks, collaborations, institutions, and leaders to commit to sharing the data and information critical to enabling localised decision-making.

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Australian Data Strategy

Other resources

The Foil podcast, featuring Dr Ian Oppermann

Listen to this fascinating episode of The Foil episode – Data Science for government and society. The Foil podcast is created and hosted by Seer Data & Analytics Kristi Mansfield and Adam Peaston.

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The Foil podcast, featuring Dr Catriona Wallace

In this fascinating episode, we speak to Dr Catriona Wallace about Virtual Reality Sexual Assault, AI Risks to Women & Breaking the Bias. We discuss the risks of bias in AI algorithms, and other aspects of the data age that pose challenges to equality. 

The Foil podcast, featuring Deanne Weir

Philanthropist, investor, and champion of equity for all, Deanne Weir, observes – Data and the use of information is having an impact on us at so many levels. People want to have some control, access, and agency over what happens with data that is core to them. 

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Stefaan Verhulst

Chief of Research & Development at The GovLab, NYU.

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Vicky Lay

Partner, Head of Impact Investments at Artesian

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Dr Ian Oppermann

NSW Chief Data Scientist and industry professor at UTS

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Steve Nouri

AI Influencer, Founder, thought leader, and Data Scientist.

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