Heartbeat of Rural Australia: how NFPs and community groups are faring in 2021

The vitality of remote, rural, and regional communities is driven by many interdependent factors, but the work of community-led not-for-profit organisations in providing programs, services, activities, and opportunities, is at the core.

Through the Foundation of Rural and Regional Renewal‘s (FRRR) work, we identified a gap in data that quantifies the role of these organisations, and their impact in their communities. In addition, we saw a need for data to quantify and qualify the effects of the cumulative shocks and stressors of the last two years.

This research serves as a useful benchmark and tool for community groups to amplify their story and attract the support they need to play their many critical roles. It also points to ways in which funders and policy-makers can better support communities.

FRRR has made the Heartbeat dataset freely available for all communities on the Seer platform. Alongside the survey data, you can access community indicators that are customisable to any location, as well as Open data sets and Seer data collections. Follow the steps below to access the data assets, and join the upcoming masterclass to learn how to use these assets to help your community.

Watch video: deep dive into study findings.

Download and read the full report.

Join an FRRR Data Assets Masterclass

3 Masterclass dates to choose from:
Tues 7 Dec 2pm AEDT
Tues 20 Dec 2pm AEDT
Thurs 13 Jan 2pm

Join Seer Data & Analytics for a masterclass tailored to the needs of FRRR Communities. The masterclass will cover:​

•  How to localise templated insights to your community on Seer​
•  How to use the Storytelling Dashboard tool to build an evidence base​
•  How to share your data story with colleagues, partners, stakeholders and funders

Study commissioned through The Xfactor Collective Foundation, as a collaboration with Survey Matters and Seer Data

Listen to the latest episode of The Foil with Natalie Egleton, CEO of FRRR. Natalie talks about the role of data to support regional and rural community groups to change the authorising environment and put the power back into the hands of local groups to get a seat at the decision-making table.

To get the most out of this data, follow these six steps:

Other tools to help on your data journey

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