Welcome to Seer’s data community

In March and April Seer Co-founders Kristi and Adam worked closely with NSW Chief Data Scientist Dr Ian Oppermann to understand what data needs were most urgent as Government bodies responded to the COVID-19 crisis. The team were able to quickly finalise a range of data visualisations to assist with crucial decision making.

This visualisation work included interactive mapping and bubble chart tools which continue to be of value to a range of organisations.

As a direct result of this work Seer has welcomed both ACT Government and ACT Data and Analytics Centre (DAC) as new customers and the team are now working to finalise a range of deliverables including ingestion of data into the platform.

Another new customer welcomed to Seer’s data community is Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO). Analysis of business data using the Seer platform, including ingestion of their own data, will assist ASBFEO as they continue to drive policy and advocate for fair business practices.

Being able to access Open data which has been processed to allow for easy charting and analysis using the Seer platform is assisting our new customers to create efficiencies.
Other new customers we have added to our community include:

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) supports small businesses and family enterprises to enable them to grow and thrive.

Maranguka meaning ‘caring for others’ in Ngemba language, is a grassroots community hub that works alongside the people of Bourke. Maranguka is the first major justice reinvestment and largest data-driven community project in Australia.

Just Reinvest NSW supports Aboriginal communities to explore and establish justice reinvestment initiatives and advocates for systemic changes that build safer and stronger communities.

The Kaiela Institute has been established to provide a place and a process to encourage and support our leaders and institutions to collaborate and take a more strategic approach to building the future of the Shepparton community.

St Vincent de Pauls Society (Vinnies) Queensland helps all people in need, giving them a hand up via a diverse range of services. The aim is always to respect people’s dignity, share hope and encourage people to take control of their own destiny.

The Xfactor Collective is a collaborative network of experienced of pre-vetted social changemaker specialist providers and consultants. Data from the recent RESET2020 National Impact + Need Research Study is now available on Seer.

Established by the NSW Rural Doctors Network, Rural and Remote Medical Service (RarMS) operates 10 community health hubs in some of Australia’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities, ensuring rural and Indigenous people get the health care they need.

Community Hubs serve as gateways that connect families with each other, with their school, and with existing services with a focus on reaching women who have pre-school children, and leverage existing facilities.

The East Gippsland Data Collaborative is a partnership between multiple community organisations working together to improve outcomes for children in their community via The Children’s Wellbeing Initiative.

Run by Save the Children, the initiative brings together a collective of organisations who offer support to children and their families so all kids in the community can grow up safe, happy and healthy.

Our aim is to individually profile each of our new customers, to shine a light on the incredible work being done to improve lives communities and how Seer is helping. We are also happy to share any exciting news or events you may have with our social media audiences.

It is also our intention to make connections between customers where there is potential value in collaboration or cross-pollenation opportunities.

Please get in touch if you have any cross-promotion opportunities or ideas that you wish to discuss.

A very warm welcome to our new customers, we are very much looking forward to continuing to help you on your data journey.